chalking up: teaching abroad

teaching abroad

Working abroad is a great opportunity to see the world and get paid doing it. While I haven’t been lucky enough to find a job that takes me around the world (yet), I spoke with my friend, Nicole, who spent 18 months abroad teaching English in Korea. With Nicole’s help, I was able to gain a better understanding into this appealing career path. It’s been 12 years since Nicole has taught abroad, but her guidance still provides a solid framework to those who may be interested in pairing their passion for teaching with a passport. I hope that Nicole’s advice is as helpful and insightful to you as it was to me.

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solo female travel advice

solo female travel

Many of the blogs I subscribe to are about female travelers fearlessly making their way around the world solo. Having never experienced solo travel myself,  I was lucky enough to be introduced to Gerda, an experienced solo female traveler, who was kind enough to answer a few questions I had and give me some advice about solo female travel.

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jet set pets: air travel tips

dog running on a beach

Bandit, our Shih-Poo, a Shih Tzu-Poodle mix, will be two years old this August. While some days his behaviour rivals that of the Prince of Darkness, the benefits of having our furry friend far outweigh the occasional pitfalls.

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traveling with a baby: one mom’s awesome advice


I don’t have kids, but luckily, I know someone who does. My friend Jess has a daughter named Audrey, an adorable 22 month old. So when I had some questions about traveling with a baby, I knew exactly who to ask.

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planning a destination wedding: a bride’s sage advice


Last March, my best friend Eugenia and her husband Mike planned a destination wedding in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I was lucky enough to be Eugenia’s Maid of Honour, and it remains one of my most memorable vacations. Eugenia and Mike celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on March 7, and with a year’s worth of perspective, I asked Eugenia what it takes to plan a great destination wedding.

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a glimpse at: business travel


Let’s face it, a travel blogger’s dream is to travel for work. Getting paid to sit poolside at a a five-star hotel and write about it? Sign.Me.Up. However, with two blog posts under my belt, the offers have yet to roll in. So instead, I asked Chantelle, a Category Sales Manager for a leading national electronics company, about the ins and outs of  business travel.

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on the road: the art of planning a road trip


Fourteen. The number of states we drove through. Five. The number of days it took us to do it.

For as long as I can remember, I have idealized the road trip. Packing whatever you can fit into a bag and heading out onto the open road has always symbolized freedom to me. Those of you who spend most of your days behind a desk like I do, will understand. Monotony has its limits, and when the empty glow of florescent lighting grows dim, it’s time for a little adventure.

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