the sunsets of coron, palawan


It’s 5:00 pm in Coron, Palawan, and our pilgrimage to the highest point has begun. It doesn’t matter why each of us traveled here, we all have the same thing in common this time of day. It’s time to watch the sun set. So we sit, like we have every night before, atop the roof of the The Funny Lion, in silence, staring.

The sun drifts away slowly, giving each of us enough time to appreciate how lucky we are to witness the earth’s natural artistry. The trees that dot the mountaintops are visible now, and the rays of light splashed between them gives the illusion of soldiers protecting a sacred cache. Sailboats laze about the bay, adding to an already perfect scene.

By 6:00 pm, the sun has finally escaped us. The warm orange sky now gives way to cool shades of purple and blue, and the moon begins its journey across Coron Bay.

The moon now lights up the night sky. The trees have dissolved and the sailboats have deserted us. The crowds begin to disband, and we each make our way into the night, finding distractions until the next incredible sunset in Coron, Palawan.





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